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Phase 5 Environmental is a certified small business based in Pasadena, California providing expert environmental consulting services.

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Phase 5 Environmental was established to provide expert environmental consulting services focusing on strategic planning, environmental compliance, Brownfield redevelopment, solid and hazardous materials management, and post-disaster response. The Principal of Phase 5 has more than 30 years of project management and technical experience working with commercial and municipal clients, government agencies, funding agencies, and non-governmental organizations. He has provided technical services to a variety of municipal and private clients throughout California including: the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles; and the San Diego Unified Port District, among many other county, city, and port agencies.

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Our project experience consists of capital projects demolition, construction support, fire debris cleanup, preparation of environmental guidance documents, contractor oversight, and stakeholder outreach. Phase 5 personnel have a proven track record managing multi-million-dollar programs, directing technical operations, implementing quality assurance measures and health and safety programs, providing field support, and overseeing project cost and schedule controls.​​​


Phase 5 personnel have international project experience in Armenia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

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  • County of Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Small Business

  • Department of General services Small  (Micro) Business

  • County of Los Angeles – Local Small Business Enterprise

  • City of Los Angeles – Very Small Business Enterprise (Harbor), Local Small Business Enterprise, Emerging Business Enterprise

  • FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate

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